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The value of digital transformation of microfinance providers on deepening financial inclusion around the globe

Digital financial services have the potential to speed up financial inclusion in developing countries and trigger real benefits for both customers (convenience, faster transactions, diversified financial services, last-mile solutions) and providers (competitive market advantage, better risk mitigation, increased operational efficiency, rural outreach at lower cost). It is not if microfinance providers (MFP) like microfinance institutions, SACCOs and Credit Unions want to embark on the digital transformation journey but when.

Consider the human element to the change that digital transformation brings

The human mind reacts to its outside environment in a beautifully agile way, conditioned by culture, upbringing, exposure to various elements (nature, people, tools and things) and this right from the womb to the grave. If we take things with this context in mind and we add the exposure to technology, we can start talking about a person’s “digital maturity” or a person’s appetite for “digital”.

Impact on employers of digitizing wage payments for migrant workers

Have you ever wondered about the barriers to opening a mobile wallet on a mobile phone? We often hear about constraints such as lack of mobile phone ownership (especially true for women in some markets) or low digital and financial literacy. There is also the trust factor where many ardent mobile phone users do not trust money in any other form other than physical cash. All these are valid depending on the country and user context. However, our team unearthed another very significant barrier - the lack of a local SIM!